I am Werewolf – Hear Me Howl

“No…” I groan.  Doubled over in pain, I scurry frantically for the ladies’ restroom.  “Not now.  Not here!”  But it’s no use.  The transformation has begun.  The beast within, liberated from its bonds, is now free to wreak its horrific path of destruction, all while wearing my skin.  It is me.  And for a time, I am it – a monster.

I knew it was coming.  All the signs were there – erratic, dangerous mood swings, acne outbreaks on par with life-choking algae blooms, immeasurable fatigue, and an uncontrollable sprouting of hair in places not normally furry.  Ever since the tender age of 11 when my mother welcomed me into the pack, I have experienced the pain, humiliation, and utter helplessness of my metamorphosis into a savage fiend every single lunar month.

There was a time that it was manageable.  At great expense, I was able to obtain medication for my condition.  If taken every day, the pills would weaken the beast to the point that when it awoke each month, I had the strength to cage the monster.  It still raged within me, but it had no power to do more than slaver madly from its confines.  I remained human.

But those days have long since past.  Although not afflicted with my malady, those in power decided that the use of this miraculous medication was morally objectionable.  In 2012, they succeeded in outlawing it.  And so I am now – once again – completely at the mercy of the creature which I am doomed to become each and every month for the rest of my life.

Haggard from the pain, I returned to the boardroom from which I had, moments ago, hastily fled.  Noting my appearance, a man snickered, “What’s wrong?  Got your period?”  A wave of mean-spirited tittering coursed through the room, further agitating the furious beast within.

The ensuing massacre occurred only in my beleaguered mind.  This time.

13 thoughts on “I am Werewolf – Hear Me Howl

    1. Thank you! The whole birth control pill “debate” has been really pissing me off this week. I’m hoping this might offer another perspective to those who think that the pill’s only use is for contraception. I cannot for the life of me understand any man who has to interact with women at all would want to deny them access to medication to ease their PMS symptoms. My grandfather would have called that attitude “poking the bull.”

  1. Love it! and your grandfather’s quote is also hilarious. I do agree with providing birth control pills, and it is no one’s business why one takes it besides the woman and her doctor. I know many who started pills in an effort to try to control (or curb) various symptons. But it has always rubbed me the wrong way when males ask or assume “it’s that time of month” for a woman’s behavior. I am not saying periods can’t and don’t cause mood swings. But in boardrooms or classrooms, if a woman gets upset with a coworker’s behavior or lack of work it is assumed it is “her time of month”. Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. Maybe it is just the person sitting next to her once again didn’t complete their part of the project and she is fustrated that she has to take up the slack.

    1. I agree entirely. In my case, it usually is that time of the month when I’m in such pain and am so tired that I can’t think straight. That being said, I’ve worked in an extremely male-dominated, testosterone-laden occupation and it never really bothered me when someone would make a snide comment about my cycle only because I knew that they had no such excuse for being an asshat. But along those same lines, people who have no idea how or why such a medication is used yet have the audacity to deny it to others based solely on their own view of morality is beyond annoying. I wonder if their tune would change if THEY were the wolf. 😉

    1. Uncle Bob, I would never bite you! You are smart enough to distract me with chocolate.

      Send me your revisions and I’ll put it up as a follow-up guest post. What do you say?

  2. I came over to visit as your comment on Snoring Dog’s blog made me laugh! I don’t think any man has ever had the nerve to pull the ‘on your period?’ nonsense with me. If they did, I’m sure I murdered them quietly and forgot where I hid the body.

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