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The Blogging A to Z Challenge: An Unsanctioned Imitation – Day 1: A is for Attitude

A.D. Duling’s first post from the 2013 April Blogging A to Z Challenge was delivered to my inbox yesterday and it got the rusty wheels in my head whirring. I need a blog-cation. Between writing my eSeries fiction for and the upcoming summer of focused insanity slinging smoothies for my Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies business, I have a lot on my plate. I need to get organized. But, I’ve recently met some wonderful writers and readers and was even able to con a few into following my blog. The last thing I want to do is to take a hiatus and leave my new friends dangling without a dose of TotallyTawn for a whole month. That’s a sure way to allow any kind of relationships I’ve been fortunate enough to cultivate to wither and die.

When I first began blogging, I had no idea where to begin, so I decided to work my way through the alphabet and see how it went. With the serendipitous timing A.D. Duling’s first post of the Blogging A to Z Challenge, I’ve decided to drag those posts from the TotallyTawn blog attic, dust them off, and share them with those of you who have just joined me so that I can concentrate on getting caught up on my work. Viola! The TotallyTawn Blogging A to Z Unsanctioned Imitation is born!

For April 1, 2012, please enjoy my (slightly revised) post “A is for Attitude”:

This is something I know quite a bit about, since I’ve been accused of everything from having a good attitude, a bad attitude, and/or simply a lot of ‘tude. From a flight perspective, attitude is the orientation of the craft about it’s center of mass. In a way, it’s a measurement of equilibrium. I think a person’s attitude is the same – a measurement of equilibrium. If you have a bad attitude, events seem to never go your way. But if you have a good attitude, things just seem to click into place without any real effort on your part.

So, how do we keep a good attitude? It’s just like flying a plane (or driving a car, or riding a bike): you keep an eye on it and when you see it going off course, you fix it right away with a small adjustment to keep it from deviating even more. And that small adjustment can be anything. Try it. Take a look in the mirror, make the goofiest face you can think of at yourself, and smile. If that doesn’t give your attitude a bump in the right direction, have a nice glass of wine and call me in the morning.

8 thoughts on “The Blogging A to Z Challenge: An Unsanctioned Imitation – Day 1: A is for Attitude”

  1. Aww shucks…thank you Tawn, I’m glad you liked my post…which now brought me to yours…I love the Attitude! Makes perfect sense and advice appreciated!! I can’t wait to see your letter B tommorrow!!


  2. Thanks, Tawn. I remember on television one of the stations used to say this about re-runs: If you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you. In that regard, your post was completely new to me.
    You’re perfectly right about attitude having more to do with our own character than it does with the stimuli that surrounds us. I’m going to try the whole goofy face thing, but have my eye on the glass on wine idea. 😉
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Well I’m glad you’re willing to fill the void with old posts while you get caught up but once or twice a week is fine. No need for something everyday Tawn.

    Most of us who have been blogging for a while understand that there are other obligations and writer’s block that prevents the frequency we started off with.

    1. I appreciate that. I, too, have found that a few times a week seems to be a sweet spot as both a blogger and a follower. I have a hard time keeping up with folks who post more than that, even if I absolutely ADORE their writing. And I have a hard time getting into the “zone” as a writer if I don’t have something that truly inspires me.

  4. This is a win-win for me, Tawn. Since I am relatively new here, I get to catch up on your bloggy history, which is fun! And since I have now gotten hooked on your eSeries, I can rest easy knowing the chapters will keep coming 🙂 Woot!

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