O is for OMG: The A to Z Blogging Challenge Unsanctioned Imitation

I have had a lot of OMG moments in the last year or so. Of course, maybe not so many if you don’t include the OMG moments that I’m positive every single one of my male friends believes I’m writing about right now. That’s why they’re my friends – we have regular meetings of the mind at a nice little bistro in the gutter. Everyone’s welcome to join us. There’s no cover.

But the OMG moments to which I’m referring are a lot more PG rated than my male friends would believe me capable of experiencing. Sorry, boys. One was in February of this year when my husband, children and I were visiting my in-laws in Arizona. The children were playing at the park and my son took a spill and skinned his knee. I talked him into returning to the hotel room for some triage and offered him a piggy back ride the quarter mile, more or less, it was to get there. About halfway back, I thought, “This is easy – he’s not heavy at all! I think he weighs about the same as the amount of weight I’ve lost…OMG! I’m halfway to my goal weight!” In my shock, I almost dropped him, but managed to get him all cleaned, bandaged, medicated and iced up despite my euphoria.

Another OMG moment occurred just recently as I began blogging. Armed with the encouragement of a very good friend who has so many enviable qualities it’s almost impossible to not love her like a long lost sister immediately upon meeting her, I dipped my big toe in the literary ocean fully expecting a Great White to come along and find it to be an agreeable appetizer. But instead, I discovered “OMG! I love writing!” There are days that I wake up and can’t get to a computer fast enough to liberate the words clamoring to escape the confines of my (occasionally dirty) mind. Strangely enough, I can’t seem to find the words to describe the cacophony of emotions or the deep gratitude I experience whenever a friend complements my writing.

And finally, I had another OMG moment just today when I saw the cover of Marie Claire featuring Victoria Beckham and sporting her quote, “I look at David naked and I think, You done good, girl!” O. M. G.

10 thoughts on “O is for OMG: The A to Z Blogging Challenge Unsanctioned Imitation

  1. Oh, Victoria Beckham – what an absolute nincompoop she is. She’s not at all like you. Love your OMG moments!

    1. You are so sweet! Although, I wouldn’t mind researching David Beckham’s “OMG-worthy” status for myself. I would absolutely take one for the team. That’s how I roll. 😉

  2. Victoria Beckham I am sure is alot more humbler than she leads on and far from posh, I truly believe she is a sweats kinds of gal. Let her look at her guy, cause we are fine looking at ours. Loved your post Tawn! OMG it was awesome!

    1. Thank you A.D.! I just find it interesting that she would think she’s done well based on the obvious hotness of her husband instead of any of the other things (her career, her children, etc.) that she could have been proud of. 🙂

      1. Shows her true colors, (shallow?) she may regret those words later if not already :0) I would be bragging on how cute my kids were :0) cause they are….tee hee

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