R is for Resistance: The A to Z Blogging Challenge Unsanctioned Imitation

It seems to me that on each of the countless occasions that the Federation has wiped the walls with the Borg (fine, maybe “just barely eked out a slight advantage to prevail at the last possible millisecond” is a little more accurate), that they would have figured out that resistance is definitely NOT futile. I guess living in space has made them forget all about the realities of resistance and other laws of physics applicable to us poor planet-bound lesser species. That, and quite probably the joy of a nice bubble bath, is lost on them.

But, in the long run, perhaps the Borg have a valid point. Humans can’t hold out forever. With our ever dwindling attention spans and poor memories, the Borg probably won’t have to wait too long before we decide our corner Jacuzzi tub is simply too old to clean and we might as well let them assimilate us. Besides, the half-decayed-leather-clad-cyborg look is all the rage in Paris.

I believe that both viewpoints have their merits, but the magic is in knowing which path to take at any given time – win at any cost or the path of least resistance. At what point in time do we decide to quit beating a dead horse and let sleeping dogs lie? Fight back or let go? Either way, a choice must be made.

Fortunately, if we chose poorly and are headed toward the falls with the 1,000 foot drop and the jagged rocks at the bottom in our little barrel of wishful thinking, there are usually plenty of warning signs and opportunities to choose another path. We just have to recognize them and have the courage and fortitude to toss our ego overboard and steer toward our goal. Make a course correction. Adjust the resistance.

And as far as I’m concerned, the Borg can bite me – I’m not giving up my Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Bath Gel in this or any other lifetime.

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