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Guest Post: “Is Mattel Brave Enough To Make An Un-Sexy Doll?”

I’ve been flying below the radar writing-wise for a little while now.  I had surgery to repair a hiatus hernia – which went very well, thank you – but recovery is slower than I would like.  As a sneaky, underhanded way of posting a blog without actually having to do any work, I invite you to visit the blog post of a woman I admire greatly to which I have contributed in my own small way (a photo and a quote, but hey, I’m only a week post-op.  What do you want from me?)

And without further adieu, may I introduce you to the founder of Pigtail Pal and Ballcap Buddies, Melissa Wardy and her post entitled “Is Mattel Brave Enough To Make An Un-Sexy Doll?”

Please click the link to read it.  My technical re-blogging skills are sub-par.


6 thoughts on “Guest Post: “Is Mattel Brave Enough To Make An Un-Sexy Doll?””

    1. Thanks! I realized yesterday that I had reached the point where I felt as good as I did before my staycation in the hoSPAtal. So, it’s nothing but gravy from here on out! No seriously, gravy is definitely part of my soft food diet for a while longer. 😉

    1. Aw, thanks! On the plus side, being only able to eat teensy portions of soft food for a while longer is the jump start my diet needed. Now I have time to re-learn what healthy food is. 😀

      1. A bonus! Good luck on the diet…I am waiting for my Brazilian Butt lift exercise video set in the mail….thinking of doing a post on it….seeing if it works:0) Of course the before and after pics will be displayed way after, so I’m already in a good mood about the before pic:0)

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