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I’m drowning.

Not long ago, I was serenely floating upon the gentle surface of a vast sea of information, content to dip my net and capture a shining, squirming bit of knowledge whenever the spirit moved me.  My needs were few and the knowledge hale and plentiful.

Then something changed.  The ocean is no longer tranquil, but rather roiling with a pestilence of advertisements, spam, email, social media, and IM notifications all vying for an opportunity to wriggle in my net.  Many of the edicts are diseased, sightless, oozing with a decaying, black plague of hostility and accusation.  Some are artfully crafted decoys which reel in the unwary with events so filled with heartache that they are nearly impossible to resist.

Resistance is imperative.  Because should you succumb, as I have, to the siren song arising from the ocean, you will surely drown.  As I am drowning.

I have only one hope, one lifeline.  A fleeting opportunity to pull myself free of the freezing waters of hate and lies and to rest, shivering and spent, upon the raft from which I fell.

I have been submerged for so long now, I do not know if I have the fortitude.  With a Herculean effort, I crawl inch by inch from the depths, knowing each moment to be my last, yet nevertheless hoping for just one more chance to break the surface.

Finally, chilly drops trail down from my sodden hair to rejoin the sea and, surprised, I gulp in dazzlingly sweet air.  I can see my salvation floating near enough to grasp, outlined in the crimson glory of the sunset, and I reach out, straining to…

…switch off the computer and breathe.

13 thoughts on “Breathe”

  1. I can see my salvation floating near enough to grasp, outlined in the crimson glory of the sunset, and I reach out, straining to…

    …switch off the computer and breathe.”

    Be cautious when you approach your mail box too. The junk mail deliveries are booming. 🙂

    1. Your post on that was a huge eye opener for me. I knew about the absurd requirement for the USPS to fund pensions for people who hadn’t even been born yet, but I did not know paper manufacturing was such a strain on our water supply. I’m afraid humans are not going to stop behaving like children unwilling to clean up after themselves until the environment becomes too inhospitable to support us any longer.

  2. Oh, I have so much felt the same way, Tawn! I’ve not blogged for weeks now, just because I need a break. My work involves social media, too, so I can never get away from it. I was drowning but I made a decision to wade in for short times and then get back on shore quickly.

    1. I noticed I hadn’t seen anything from you in a little while. Your posts are among the few that I will brave the riptide to read. Whenever you’re ready for a swim, I’ll be on shore standing by, wearing my floaties, and chatting up a good-looking lifeguard. 🙂

  3. Writing my blog is my break, my breathing time just for me but you’re right, there’s so much craziness online now it’s daunting and time consuming. Alas, social networking is always calling my name, asking me to try another marketing tactic and then I find I’m caught up in the drama of everyone’s life while I put my own on hold.

    Sometimes it is necessary to turn off the computer, enjoy your surroundings and realize who you are without a screen only inches away from your eyes.

    1. You hit the nail right on the head. Writing should be my release, but even that can become a chore when I have so many things in my head competing to be released into the world in print and an infinite number of distractions on and off-line. I haven’t found my center yet, but I will. Hopefully, it will be sooner rather than later.

  4. I’m not plugged in all over the place, but I still share your feeling. Sometimes WordPress seems like a huge whirlpool trying to suck me down. I enjoy it so much, then resent its power over me. The negative vibes being spewed about are the worst.

    Unplugging for some much-needed quiet!

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