I know I’ve been away for far too long, but in my defense, I have been writing for http://www.BigWorldNetwork.com and dealing with my distinct lack of holiday cheer in the face of insurmountable Christmasitude. Please enjoy this rehashing of a holiday rant until I have the energy to overcome my slacking. Much love! Tawn

Tawn Krakowski

Much to the chagrin of Juan Ponce de León, it seems that the Fountain of Youth not only exists, but it has been here in America all along, quietly seeping into the drinking water of the population like toxic KoolAid.  That’s my only plausible explanation for how we’ve become a nation of 5-year-olds without parental supervision.  “Are not!” you may say, to which I would reply, “Are too!” and provide the following evidence of the frightening regression of our collective behavior:

1.  We have no manners.  One example of our descent into childish behavior is the annual Black Friday free-for-all in which we have no qualms about shoving a little old lady out of the way in order to save $10 on a Christmas sweater so ugly that it’s possible to severely damage one’s retinas if viewed directly for more than half a second.  Our complete lack of common…

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