My A to Z Blogging Challenge Ultimate Defeat

Congratulations to all those bloggers who successfully completed the April A to Z Blogging Challenge!  Sadly, I burned out about halfway through.  However, I did learn some things along the way.

First of all, I learned that while it has been asserted that one should write every day, it is important to start slowly and build up endurance.  You don’t start an exercise program by trying to run a marathon.  Writing is hard work, especially if you’re not independently wealthy with a full staff of attendants to take care of all the little details of life that don’t involve writing.  Like cleaning.  And children.

I also realized that I do a lot of writing in my head.  Everyone has their own method.  While some simply sit down at a computer and type away–editing as they go–without any sort of plan in mind, others use a storyboard, note cards, outlines, and innumerable drafts to plan, shape, and polish their work.  Even if I’m not physically writing on a daily basis, the story is still stewing in my mind.  For me, trying to write anything before the ideas have blossomed is simply a waste of time.

Finally, I learned that I have an incredible support network of family and friends that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  You guys rock!  Thank you.

While I didn’t complete the challenge, I still intend to finish the alphabet.  If I begin with a weekly posting schedule, I’m positive that by next year the April A to Z Blogging Challenge will be a breeze.  I am also working on a new eSeries on, Kai’s Inquisition: The Blight of Shaddowfall.  The first episode was released yesterday, and all the following installments will be available on Sundays.  Please check it out, and don’t forget to let me know what you think.

8 thoughts on “My A to Z Blogging Challenge Ultimate Defeat

  1. Your posts were amazing. I used the challenge as more of a socializing, interactive experience this time and it worked great for me. You wrote some Great stuff and got all of us thinking about a wide variety of phobias, I cannot see that as a failure!

    1. You, my dear, are one of the very friends I was talking about. 🙂

      I love your take on the challenge. I tend to get so caught up trying to put out content that I don’t get a chance to visit any other blogs. That’s going to have to change, too!

  2. I’m sad you didn’t get to finish, as I was really really enjoying your work. I understand, however (except for the kids bit, I already know I don’t have THAT much patience). I very much hope you continue in whatever manner suits – just don’t stop!

    1. Trust me, I won’t. I’m about halfway done with the next installment. I just wasn’t feeling it and then I got all distracted with the series. 🙂

  3. I think you shouldn’t feel guilty! I’m always impressed by bloggers who aim to write something new for every day of the challenge – that’s dedication right there!

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