Good Gravy, A little Help Here?

I hate shopping.  I particularly hate shopping for clothes. This is because the fashion industry has joined ranks with the diet industry and, through the insidious use of media, has waged a secret, evil war on my self confidence.

Before you start fitting me for a nice jacket that buckles in the back–I say “fitting” because, depending on the brand, I could be anywhere from a Medium to a Women’s XXXL– please be so kind as to indulge me in a little game.  All you have to do is match the shirt I’m wearing in the following pictures to the size listed on the label.  Easy, right?

One of these shirt is a Large, one is an XL, and one is a XXL.  Which is which?

No makeup…
No photoshop…
All woman, baby.

Here are the tags in the same order that I am wearing them.

Best fit.

How is it, you may ask, that the tightest frikkin’ shirt is also the one listed as the largest size?!  I know why.  Because it is a “ladies” 2XL.  It is not a shirt for a man.  It is not a shirt for a woman.  It is a shirt designed solely to fit some fictitious “lady,” who, it seems, is now under the false assumption that she is much larger than she thinks she is and should probably eat nothing but rice cakes and water until she’s beautiful again.

Still think I’ve got my tinfoil hat on too tight?  Take a look at the quality of women’s clothing in comparison with men’s clothing.  That Ladies XXL up there is made of thinner, less sturdy material than the other two shirts.  But don’t take my word for it.  Go to any clothing store and compare sizes, workmanship, and materials for yourself.

Then, compare the prices.  It seems insane to me that while women are still paid less than men for the same work, we are charged more for inferior clothing, health care, and even something as innocuous as a haircut.  In 2015.

While you ponder that, I’ll be over here eating my daily allotment of rice cakes, brushing up on my curtsies, and plotting the downfall of the fashion/diet juggernaut of evil.  M’lord.

14 thoughts on “Good Gravy, A little Help Here?

  1. Oh I give up here, too. They don’t even give us the option of L, XL, etc most times. You actually have to know what size number you are – I can go from a 10 to an 18, I don’t care anymore.
    And yeah, I wear men’s clothing for work, but it comes from some country I never heard of and is a size 1Z32Q.

    1. The number sizes are very similar in that I can wear multiple sizes and then they pull crap like there is a difference between a Misses size 16 and a Womens size 16. It’s ridiculous.

      When I worked as a charter pilot, my employer sent me to a men’s clothing shop to have my uniform tailor made. Unfortunately, they don’t normally do that for women, and it was the most uncomfortable, odd-looking clothing I ever wore.

      There really is no way for us to win. Why can’t we all just be naked?

      1. And I didn’t mean to just leave a joke. It’s annoying, isn’t it, when you give a good reply and get SFA as a response! Yes, you and I have the boob-thing – more boob than needed, and never going to be fitting into men’s blouses. I’m all sweat shirts and tees at work, thankfully my old black tees (don’t show the dirt) still fit me.

      2. But it was a good joke! And honestly, it would probably be dangerous if we were naked and cold. I, for one, could probably put someone’s eye out. Well, maybe not an eye. I’m pretty short. Sometimes, I would kill to be on that “What not to Wear” show just so someone would buy me some nice clothes that fit my body and I would only have to shop on my own that first day.

      3. We are all different shapes – what works on me would look horrible on someone else. I’m a huge fan of Dorothy Perkins simple clothing, tops – long waisted and room for boobage. But I’m tall, so that is a big thing.

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