About Tawn

Born and raised in Illinois yet inexplicably filled with Aloha Spirit, I am a wife, mother, pilot, entrepreneur, writer and an almost insufferable optimist. I am a voracious reader who is a sucker for horror, science fiction and fantasy, although I’m always more than willing to try something new. Here, you can bear witness to my foray into writing from my first words sheepishly cast into cyberspace and beyond. My serial fiction, Darkling Drake and The Pirate Princess as well as a short story entitled Love Never Dies: A Zombie Love Story written under the name Tawn Krakowski” –  are available in both written and audio format narrated by me at www.BigWorldNetwork.com.

I am also seriously addicted to Facebook, so please feel free to like, comment, share, subscribe, fan, friend and otherwise cyberstalk me at http://www.facebook.com/TawnKrakowski.

12 thoughts on “About Tawn”

  1. I can’t figure out how to email you, so I’m posting here and I”ll take it off when you’ve seen it. On your comment on the Bee and G thing, manofewords posted something about “the cake is a lie” and Portal. I looked it up online, and I have a feeling there is a LOT more comic material but I don’t know the game well enough to comment. If you do, PLEASE go answer him … I don’t know what else to say on that one, and I bet there’s a lot more mileage you two can get out of it!

  2. Ahh, I’m not comically gifted, I’m just a chronic smartass. 😉 Thanks for checking back on the thread – one of the things we really wanted to do with the Bee and G thing (and hopefully we’ll leave more room for this in the next one) is get people commenting, comment on their comments, and encourage the original commenters to get in on the party. Otherwise the whole thing is just him and me talking, and it’s SO much more fun if other people are putting their two cents in!

  3. It’s truly sad how much I want to forgive cake and accept it back into my life. Even after all the lies about not having any calories, being “sugar free,” and working late at the office when I knew it was really at the cheap motel off the highway playing “birthday cake” with it’s slutty secretary.

    Thanks! I was looking for a way to spruce this thing up and make it look a little different. I love your Gravatar – I can’t imagine why the toilets are out to get you, unless they’re jealous.

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