Guest Post: Leaving the Dog (and the Blog) Park (via Snoring Dog Studio)

I, thankfully, have not had this particular problem myself (possibly because my love and subsequent, occasionally irrational, use of big, complicated college words can be a turn-off for some), but I’ve seen it and have been embarrassed for the blogger and disgusted and disappointed by the person leaving the verbal landmine. Not only is it so much easier to be misunderstood when one doesn’t have the benefit of body language to interpret, but the anonymity seems to infuse some people with an inflated ego and the will to prove that the pen is mightier than the sword. It costs nothing to simply be nice. And If I had dogs, I would love for my pets to have the opportunity to play with Stella so that I could have some “owner time” to converse and become more acquainted with this writer.

Leaving the Dog (and the Blog) Park Having owned dogs for quite a few years, I’ve spent a fair amount of time in dog parks. I have mixed feelings about them. If the dogs behave well, it can be a delightful, socializing, bonding experience for you and your dogs. I’ve gotten my best laughs watching dogs play and chase each other around the dog park. I get an immense thrill from seeing and greeting dogs of all shapes and sizes. Most of the owners are pretty neat, too. My Stella still … Read More

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Guest post: Why I Would Completely Fail as a Serial Killer (via snarkandcookies)

This goes out to all my friends that have become addicted to Dexter with my exuberant assistance. I love that show and I love this blogger, if only in a favorite sister kind of way. Unfortunately for any vile miscreants I happen to come across, this lovely post has gotten me thinking about my prospective success as a serial killer. And it just so happens that I picked up a package of garbage bags yesterday.

Many thanks to my sister for introducing me to the TV show Dexter, the title character of which is an exceptionally organized serial killer who only kills bad guys.  Just so nobody decides they need to report me to the police, I’m letting you know right up front that the items referenced in this VERY FICTIONAL post are borrowed directly from the VERY FICTIONAL character, all of whose VERY FICTIONAL victims were in fact actors who went home after … Read More

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Right Now: Another Guest Video

Right now…I have goosebumps.  Please enjoy another fantastic video put together by a fellow freight dog depicting many of the chills and thrills freight pilots encounter in the course of their career.

Click Here to view the guest video

And for the record, I do miss the 25s (a lot), I always flew the profile (you can’t prove anything), and although I flew with Pyka, I did not participate in the bitching about N39DK (aka 39 Donkey Kong).  Okay, well, maybe just a little bit.

Featured Guest: And Now, a Musical Interlude (via manofewords)

I have recently become a big fan of this blogger. I have also recently discovered that WordPress allows me to reblog something that I like from another writer. Therefore, I would like to share his most recent effort with my readers. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Lately I’ve been going through the old mental warehouse – turning on some overhead lights that have been off for a long, long time and prying open some old crates. I’m looking for artifacts, memories, clues about why I am the way I am. Many times I don’t remember where I’ve put things. I keep everything, but my filing system stinks. Much gets misplaced, crates get mislabeled. Sometimes I read something, and it pushes one of those old crates onto … Read More

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Memories: A Guest Video

When I first watched this video by Jj Guerra, it brought back a flood of memories from a cherished time in my life.  It offers a glimpse into a world rarely seen and in my case, greatly missed, not only for the fantastic people with whom I was privileged to work but also for the fleeting opportunity to truly fly.

Watch it here!

Author’s Note:  I apologize that this link is not embedded directly into my blog, but I’m not yet in a position to shell out the mad cheddar to buy a video upgrade from WordPress.  Maybe Santa can hook me up next week.

UPDATE!  Santa didn’t need to hook me up so much as buy me a clue – you can now click on the “Watch it here” link to enjoy the video.  Happy Holidays!