The Jacket: A Call To Arms (Challenge Accepted)

Ask, and ye shall receive! While considering suitable subject matter for my next blog post, I happened across this!  Thank you, Peg! I will post my entry on TotallyTawn before submitting it, just to prove that I’m not cheating on my promise to post twice a week – I realize that this doesn’t count. I’ve … Continue reading The Jacket: A Call To Arms (Challenge Accepted)

2011 Wrap Up

A little more than a year ago, I timidly wandered into the Blogosphere hoping for nothing more than a creative outlet.  To my surprise, I have gained so much more than that.  I have no words for the depth of the gratitude I feel for the support, encouragement, and friendship I have received from so … Continue reading 2011 Wrap Up

Shameless Self Promotion Time

When I began this whirlwind adventure into the world of writing, I never imagined that I would not only want people to see my work, but I would offer a bribe to gain readers. Here's the skinny - each new SUBSCRIBER to and/or will be entered in a random drawing for a $25 … Continue reading Shameless Self Promotion Time

Guest Post: It’s Not About You

I received this message as an email from my aunt, Kim Brown, who is an employee of Ball Publishing in West Chicago, IL.  It was written by Anna Ball, CEO of Ball Seed Company who was at the airport in Tokyo when the earthquake hit.  Her message struck a chord in my heart, and I … Continue reading Guest Post: It’s Not About You

I didn’t want to have to do this

The recent breaking story of the reorder of the astrological signs has apparently caused a serious rift in our collective personalities.  I now feel the need to offer some insight that may help to soothe our fractured psyches.  Astrology and astronomy are not the same. defines astronomy as: "The scientific study of matter in … Continue reading I didn’t want to have to do this