Creepypasta #1

I pulled the comforter up over my ear, snuggling down into the bed, consolidating whatever warmth could be found. It was well past midnight, but I couldn't seem to get settled. My thighs ached from trying out my new bicycle this afternoon, and my body tottered between too hot and too cold no matter whether … Continue reading Creepypasta #1

Repeat! (a microstory)

"Did you hear that?" I whispered, my eyes drinking in the darkness surrounding the car. He stopped kissing my neck long enough to mumble a distracted "No" before returning his attention to my skin. Thump. "There it is again!" I crowed and then quickly lowered my voice, not wanting to alert whatever had made the … Continue reading Repeat! (a microstory)

Imprisoned: A Micro Story

In an effort to up my game and get back in the swing of things, I've decided to write an occasional micro-story from a roll of the Story Cube dice. This is one such exercise. Story Cubes: Hand or palm, Tower, Apple, Alien, Lightbulb, the letter L, Fountain, Moon, Flower   She sighed and rested … Continue reading Imprisoned: A Micro Story

A Zombie Christmas: Better Late Than Undead (A Work in Progress)

I'm not sure where this one is going, but since it's been forever since I posted anything to my blog, I decided to give you a taste of what kind of stuff is rattling around in my head.  Enjoy!   She watched the snowflakes gently float to the ground, melting instantly as they touched the … Continue reading A Zombie Christmas: Better Late Than Undead (A Work in Progress)

Champion of the Dragon Empress: A Writing Contest Entry

In an effort to make up for the lack of activity on the TotallyTawn WordPress blog, I offer a short story.  I hope you enjoy it. Champion of the Dragon Empress The Dark Knight stood—legs spread, gauntlet-encased hands resting comfortably on the hilt of a gilded longsword—knee deep in the shattered remains of the enemy. … Continue reading Champion of the Dragon Empress: A Writing Contest Entry

Mother of Dragons – Writing Contest Entry

Mother of Dragons “Again!” The hatchlings darted around her as she waded through the hip-deep water, pleading – as they always did before she returned to the surface – for her to recount the tale one more time. “You have already heard it a thousand times over,” she admonished. “Please?” They begged in unison. Drawing … Continue reading Mother of Dragons – Writing Contest Entry

2012 Wrap Up

It's hard for me to believe that I now have yet another year of blogging under my belt.  I have made many new friends, ventured outside of my comfort zone, and learned so much that I cannot judge 2012 as anything other than a fantastic year for which I am ecstatically grateful. I have done … Continue reading 2012 Wrap Up

A Time to Reap – Another Writing Contest Entry

I am once again attempting to hone my writing skills by entering a short story contest hosted by Theresa Oliver's Short Story Page.  I hope you like it! A TIME TO REAP Eilain hated her job. It was bad enough that she had to partner with that lech, Thanatos, on the occasional unusual reaping call. … Continue reading A Time to Reap – Another Writing Contest Entry