Walking Log Compilation

I've recently saved up enough extra discretionary cash to buy myself a FitBit Flex.   So far, it has proven to be a good motivator.  In the past week, I have increased my daily activity and actually used the online site to track what I eat--well, mostly.   Hey, baby steps, right? So, I thought I'd share … Continue reading Walking Log Compilation

Astounded to Learn that Walking Soothes My Soul

Let me begin with the assertion that I am not an outdoorsy kind of person.  Unless of course, the "outdoors" to which you're referring involves a beach in Hawaii, a good book and an unimpeded view of the hot local hanging ten on a gnarly wave.  Nor am I, by any stretch of the imagination, … Continue reading Astounded to Learn that Walking Soothes My Soul

A’Sledding We Will Go

Why I live anywhere other than Hawai'i, I'll never understand.  There's no snow in Hawai'i.  Well, except every once in a while up on Mauna Kea, but that doesn't really count because it wouldn't be my job to shovel it.  I hate snow.  Snow has about the same chance of me suddenly taking a liking … Continue reading A’Sledding We Will Go

E is for Everything

Sounds rather ambitious, doesn't it? "E is for Everything." I thought about "E is for Embrace," but that's a little too touchy-feely for me. That's why "E is for Emotion" wasn't even a possibility. I'm just not that kind of girl. Then I considered "E is for Elevation." Not only did this truly appeal to … Continue reading E is for Everything