Astounded to Learn that Walking Soothes My Soul

Let me begin with the assertion that I am not an outdoorsy kind of person.  Unless of course, the "outdoors" to which you're referring involves a beach in Hawaii, a good book and an unimpeded view of the hot local hanging ten on a gnarly wave.  Nor am I, by any stretch of the imagination, … Continue reading Astounded to Learn that Walking Soothes My Soul

K.I.S.S. me

I surrender.  I  have been outflanked by CNN and the 24 hour news cycle.  My inbox has been stealthily infiltrated by informational newletters .  I am in the trenches desperately trying to contain the essence slowly seeping from my life as an eternal barrage of information, apps, advertisements, and news advances upon my position.  Outnumbered … Continue reading K.I.S.S. me

An Ode to Procrastination (Not really)

I'd write an Ode to Procrastination, but I haven't got the time. Sales and business prognostication weighs heavily on my mind. Expenses, reports, and P & L - I haven't got a clue how to fix (or even tell) Quickbooks what to do. Maybe I could read a book or blog to clear my head. … Continue reading An Ode to Procrastination (Not really)

There’s no “team” in Uno

While playing a friendly game of cards last night with family, I discovered an ugly truth: There's no "team" in Uno.  This truism was uttered by my nephew (who has kindly offered to waive any and all copyrights to his turn of phrase) shortly before I placed my final card face up on the "played … Continue reading There’s no “team” in Uno

Z is for Zenith

Life is like a box of chocolates...No, wait. Life is like a roller coaster...No, still not right.  Life is like being airlifted to the middle of the Himalayas and unceremoniously dumped with nothing but some all-weather gear and a small survival pack with instructions in Mandarin.  Yeah, that's more like it. Although you have what … Continue reading Z is for Zenith