Fountain of Youth discovered in America!

Much to the chagrin of Juan Ponce de León, it seems that the Fountain of Youth not only exists, but it has been here in America all along, quietly seeping into the drinking water of the population like toxic KoolAid.  That's my only plausible explanation for how we've become a nation of 5-year-olds without parental … Continue reading Fountain of Youth discovered in America!

Necessity Breeds Creativity

I'm not ashamed to admit that I have some fairly impressive friends in the creativity department.  From artists who work in the more traditional mediums of music, oil on canvas, or pen and paper to those capable of constructing unbelievably beautiful objects entirely from recycled materials or functional items re-tasked to serve a new purpose … Continue reading Necessity Breeds Creativity

Z is for Zenith

Life is like a box of chocolates...No, wait. Life is like a roller coaster...No, still not right.  Life is like being airlifted to the middle of the Himalayas and unceremoniously dumped with nothing but some all-weather gear and a small survival pack with instructions in Mandarin.  Yeah, that's more like it. Although you have what … Continue reading Z is for Zenith

X is for Xerxes

In my opinion, 300 is the greatest chick flick ever.  And don't tell me that 300 is not a chick flick.  It is simply impossible to plausibly assert that it was geared toward anyone but women and,  possibly, homosexual men.  If by some miracle, one is able to ignore the seemingly infinite ranks of excruciatingly … Continue reading X is for Xerxes

A is for Attitude

Well, my first blog ever didn't go so bad. Nothing bad happened. No tears. No blood. Nothing falling from the sky. Ok... Since I'm taking this slowly, I thought I'd do a kind of "ABC's" of my thoughts for my blogs. That would give me a starting point and maybe even something worth blogging about … Continue reading A is for Attitude